From Piazzale Roma, either left of the parish church, take Via S.Bernardo, about 150 meters then turn right into Via degli Alpini, or right from the parish church via Via San Bartolomeo. At this last opportunity you will find a staircase 20 meters later. Go up to the left fork (signposted), which will take you to MADONNA DEL PINO in 5 minutes. It is about a statue of St. Mary, built by the Garda inhabitants after the war.
Continue to Via Alpini and then left, from Garda 35 minutes, from the saddle on the right. In the rock yell two gulls, called Canevini, where wine used to be stored. Follow the wide rocky path up to the meadow on the mountain. On the top of the Rocca di Garda (290 m) you have a wonderful view of Lake Garda with the bay of Garda and San Vigilio.
For the descent, walk back to the crossroads and get in the path that is right in front of them; it goes to the Kamaldulenserkloster, but the visits are only permitted for prayer. This hermitage was built in 1663 around the church of S.Giorgio.