The Vittoriale degli Italiani (English translation: the shrine of Italian Victories) is located on the western shore of the Garda Lake.
The estate consists of the former residence of the Italian writer Gabriele D’Annunzio (who acquired it in 1921 and constantly developed and expanded it until 1938), an amphitheatre, the light cruiser Puglia – which is set into a hillside -, a boathouse as well as a circular mausoleum, which is also located on a hill with panoramic view on the lake. In addition to the different buildings it also includes streets, squares, gardens, an open air theatre as well as different watercourses.
The Vittoriale degli Italiani yearly counts about 18.000 visitors, which are particularly impressed by its unusual and eccentric rooms, collections and rarities.
The light cruiser Puglia is probably the most popular and famous part of it. It was placed on a hilltop and gives a very surreal sight. The light cruiser was donated to D’Annunzio by the Italian navy.