The olive oil of Garda-lake is rich of phytosteroids, polyphenols and vitamins E and F, anti medical substances which are so important for our skin. It is also famous for its revitalizing, nourishing, moisturizing, and anti-aging properties.

Red grapes replete with resveratrol are good antioxidants and natural resolvents, moreover, they improve microcirculation, moisturize and nourish the skin, and have anti-aging and stimulating effects on the production of collagen. They also protect our skin from the UVB radiation.

All the biocosmetic products of the line “Cosmesi del Garda” have profound healing effects. Due to the fact that they contain only natural ingredients, with no preservatives or chemical dyes, they are not aggressive and are a suitable protection for all skin types.



Face cleaning treatment with Olive oil 1h
Face treatment with Olive oil from Garda 1h
Face treatment with red grape 1h
Face Massage with olive oil mask 30’
Face Massage with red grape mask 30’


Body Scrub 40’
Body scrub treatment + Olive oil massage 1h10
Total body massage with Olive oil 1h
Total body massage and face with Olive oil butter 1h10