The relaxing power of natural products

Spa & Beauty at Lake Garda

Step by step towards your own wellbeing

Mente sana in corpo sano (sound mind and sound body): this well-known Latin phrase is our motto. Here at Villa Madrina, we want to offer you wellness experiences, which can transform your stay into a journey towards the highest form of well-being. Book the treatment you prefer directly at the reception desk.

Give your body some lightness...
... with something new to make you feel good

Pressotherapy has arrived at Villa Madrina, a harmonious massage performed by a special machine that aims to apply pressure on the skin. Infrared promotes blood circulation, as well as the drainage of water and toxins, while EMS (Electro Myo Stimulation) is excellent for myofascial toning. Perfect for lymphatic drainage and improving the silhouette, this treatment offers an immediate feeling of relief.
Ask for more information at the reception desk.

For your body


Total body massage with olive oil
€ 85,00 - 50 min.
Partial massage (legs or back)
€ 59,00 - 30 min.
Body scrub with olive oil massage
€ 89,00 - 70 min.
Full body and facial massage with olive oil butter
€ 89,00 - 70 min.


Relaxing Essence of Life massage
€ 89,00 - 50 min.
Body scrub with cream and elasticizing treatment
€ 78,00 - 45 min.
Green body scrub treatment with aloe
€ 60,00 - 40 min.
Body Scrub
€ 53,00 - 30 min.
Drain 02 treatment
€ 73,00 - 55 min.


Scrub treatment and massage with snail slime serum, 100% natural and made in Italy
€ 83,00 - 55 min.
For your face


Facial cleansing treatment with olive oil
€ 74,00 - 55 min.
Facial treatment with Garda olive oil
€ 69,00 - 45 min.
Treatment with red grapes
€ 69,00 - 40 min.


Facial cleansing with specific mask
€ 78,00 - 50 min.
Colloidal gold Eye Life treatment and brush massage for the surrounding eye area
€ 56,00 - 40 min.
Face massage with colloidal gold anti-age mask
€ 70,00 - 50 min.
Facial treatment with Vitamin C
€ 78,00 - 60 min.
Anti-aging treatment with wrinkle filling for mature skin
€ 85,00 - 60 min.
Hisiris Pro Rose anti-age treatment for sensitive skin
€ 81,00 - 50 min.
Lymphatic drainage massage
€ 60,00 - 40 min.


Facial treatment with 100% natural snail slime,made in Italy with specific mask
€ 70,00 - 60 min.
Basic manicure
€ 29,00
Manicure with nail polish
€ 32,00
Semi-permanent manicure
€ 40,00
Basic pedicure
€ 37,00
Pedicure with nail polish
€ 40,00
Semi-permanent pedicure
€ 48,00

Where total relaxation of the mind meets the wellbeing of the body; the mind is freed from all the thoughts and the soul indulges in the pleasures of all senses. Choose the package that best suit your needs or customize it by selecting three treatments you prefer. In this case you will receive a 10% discount.

Olive oil ritual

A ritual worthy of kings and queens. Gently exfoliates your skin and soothes it thanks to the beneficial properties of Lake Garda olive oil. Excellent as a preparation for sun exposure.

  • 1 body and face scrub treatment
  • 1 full body and facial massage with olive oil butter
€ 127,00
Relaxation ritual

Looking for total relaxation? Here is the ritual by Villa Madrina, designed just for you!

  • 1 detox Turkish bath
  • 1 body scrub treatment
  • 1 relaxing “Essence of Life” massage
€ 139,00
Cosmesi del Garda
For natural beauty

Born in an idyllic area like Lake Garda, these products are free of chemical preservatives and colorants, therefore they are not irritating for the skin.

For skin health

The cutting-edge Histomer treatments offer the skin more vitality, luminosity and balance, using products derived from forty years of scientific research on stem cells and skin bio stimulation processes.

Esperienza Cosmetics
To regenerate the skin

The pure slime of snails bred in Italy is 100% natural, rich in active ingredients and particularly suitable for anti-aging treatments and to treat acne. In addition, it has a purifying, protective, antibacterial and healing effect on the skin.