The paths around Lake Garda, between the sky and the lake

Excursions around Lake Garda

Each person at their own pace, in the embrace of nature

Ranging from 0 to over 2000m above sea level, the eastern shore of Lake Garda offers numerous opportunities to explore the area by foot. Walks, excursions, climbing routes and trekking of various levels of difficulty give you the opportunity to admire the lake form different perspectives. Each path differs from the others, with its unique panoramas, and the routes are accessible from sunrise to sunset and from spring to autumn.

At the top of the Rocca di Garda
3,7 km

A low difficulty excursion that includes some fascinating cultural monuments such as the Eremo di San Giorgio. The path starts at the church of Garda and arrives at the top of the Rocca at 290m above sea level. The view of the bay of Garda and San Vigilio is breathtaking.

Between Garda and Bardolino
11 km

A medium difficulty tour that starts at the center of Garda, passes in between the Rocca and Monte San Giorgio, the hermitage and other small hamlets and leads to Bardolino. From there, you can calmly return to Garda along the lakeshore.

The rock engravings of Monte Luppia
12 km

The rock carvings of Monte Luppia date back to over three thousand years ago and are testimony of the first settlement in the place which is now called Garda. To admire them, just take a circular path starting from the town center and passing Monte Brè, the Are and the Toél.

The Tibetan bridge

This panoramic excursion starts near Torri del Benaco, at the Crero park. It crosses verdant olive groves and culminates at the Tibetan bridge of Val Vazana, built in 2019. A truly sensational experience for those who love the thrill of heights.

The panoramic path of Busatte
11 km

A few kilometers north of Garda, it is possible to embark on a spectacular panoramic excursion through the Busatte Park above Torbole, located at the northern end of the east coast. Be prepared to climb three steep stairs for a total of about four hundred steps.