San Vigilio can be easily reached by walking along the lakeshore. The path starts from the port towards Torri. If the water in the last piece is too high, it is best to go up the path just after the Villa Canossa, which leads to the main road. After 15 minutes you are in front of the park of the promontory San Vigilio. There are the Sirenenbuct, Villa Guarienti and the port of San Vigilio noteworthy.
When you are back on the main road in front of the park, walk a bit towards the Garda. After about 5 minutes, keep left and follow a path up to the red-white-red marked track. Hiking route 41 San Vigilio- Crero. Continue left. WE ARE ON THE STRADA THE CASTEI, the old thoroughfare Garda-Torri del Benaco (the shore road to Malcesine was opened in 1839). After 5 minutes, a beautiful view opens up to the Baia delle Sirene on the Cape of San Vigilio and the villa. Then follow the mark and in any case always keeping right.
Again you can see on gray limestone rocks, on the left the partly prehistoric petroglyphs. The best way to recognize it is in the oblique light of the morning. Through this path you can reach first the place Albisano and down at the lake Torri del Benaco. For the return journey, take the best bus line 62-64.